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Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has discontinued support for older versions of its iconic browser, Internet Explorer, on January 12, 2016. Microsoft has finally ended support for Internet Explorer versions 10 and lower. No more updates will be issued for old versions of Internet Explorer, leaving people who use them more vulnerable to hackers. After its decline from being the world's most-used browser to one of the least-used in the span of a few years, Microsoft has finally slashed support for its Internet Explorer (IE) browser. As of Tuesday, Microsoft ended support for all old versions of IE, including 8, 9 and 10, leaving only version 11 for now, the most recent. 

Those still using older versions of the browser will receive an 'End of Life' notification urging them to upgrade to IE 11 or Microsoft Edge, a brand-new browser for Windows 10 which is designed to work better with the modern web. Upgrading to the company's new browser, Microsoft Edge, is extremely easy to do.

The older versions of internet explorer will continue to work normally, just without any protection from new viruses as the support for it ended. Unfortunately, that means if a virus gets into an older version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft won't patch it up, and you can count on hackers to go after users who haven’t upgraded to a more secure web browser. Most of the small businesses are still using the now unsupported internet explorer versions, possibly leaving them open to hacking.
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