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Best websites to learn Web Development

Website Development can be a great career option if you love to code, love to design and love to develop some amazing websites. Developing websites now became very easy these days as some CMS (content management systems) like Wordpress, Joomla can be very helpful to you to develop websites. To do that you just need basic knowledge of programming languages like html ,css, Asp.Net, PHP, Java, Jquery etc. So if you want to learn or increase knowledge about web development then you must have to go through one of these sites.

1) W3Schools, A website that is very helpful for non-programmers & programmers. W3Schools is the place with loads of knowledge related to web development, all for free. This website is very useful for those who want to learn basics of programming languages like HTML, HTML5, CSS, ASP.NET, SQL, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, MVC . It contains tutorials ranging from basic html scripting, css styling, to advanced server side scripting in php.  The live editor feature enables the user to write and test the code directly in the browser, you can get a hands on practice for each and every tutorial you see and can get to learn website development really easily and efficiently.


If you are new to web development and want to learn web development then my suggestion is must go through Also, offers an online certification program, where you can get certified in the widely used web technologies.

2) CSSTricks

CSS-Tricks launched July 4th, 2007. Over the years, despite the hokey name, CSS-Tricks has come to become a site about all things web design and development. now is the place where you can polish your web design skills. Any query you may have about the world of cascading style sheets, can be resolved here.  It has a complete knowledge-base of the css syntax with vast explanations and examples. It also provides code snippets for different web development languages.


If you were ever wondering what exactly is the difference between margins and padding, or how to animate a button using CSS 3, then you definitely got to visit CSSTricks. And all this is free! Yes! Free.


At you can not only learn web development but you can also teach others how to develop web applications. The interactive on-screen exercises never let your interest graph to drop. This site’s best feature you can learn with your friends at codeacademy. Courses are designed in such manner that makes learning enjoyable, especially when it comes to more complex computer languages.


People who are interested in Web Development and passionate about learn web applications will love this website.Interaction with a large community of programmers also helps in learning more skills for becoming a better coder. So if you love to code just enroll in Code Academy as quickly as possible.

Lessons are available for HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and other languages too. And yes, all free of cost!

4) Tutorialspoint

 Learn Basic HTML/CSS easily
You can find tutorials on many different languages here including, php, jsp, spring, jquery, python, ruby, ajax, mysql, javascript, html5, css, and more than thirty five other languages and more are adding. You can also make tutorials for this website if you have got the skill. This site's teaching method is really simple and easy. Anyone can learn to work with a language through this It also teach and illustrates with examples. You can also find the references and manuals related to web development language. All the content is free to learn.

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