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Best Game development softwares

Game design and development requires good knowledge of a programming language. Amateur or professional, game developers have to learn ActionScript, JAVA, C++ or some other complex programming language to develop 2D/3D  games.

Game Development Software is one of the most crucial elements for Game Developers. It’s also known as a Game Engine. A Game Engine is a tool that eliminates a lot of the technical aspects of making a game. They have a simple drag-and-drop interface, an event system, graphics editor, behaviors, a level editor, special effects and other toolsets that facilitates game development and saves time and energy. The Game Engine allows you to just focus on building your game.

The current generation of game engines not only offers an excellent toolset, but also lets game developers monetize and publish their games on to app stores. The following are some of the best game engines to develop your games really easily and effectively.

1) Unity3D

This is hands down one of the greatest game engines. It has a whole suite of assets, strong support, a good community, and it's free! It is based on WYSIWYG, and it’s very easy to add and change objects.

Unity3d has powerful and object oriented programming languages including JavaScript, C#, and Boo. You can use any combination of these programming languages in your project. Another unique and awesome feature is that it allows you to play your game immediately in the editor. You can play, pause, and fast-forward the game in the editor at any time!

Unity3d games are also really easy to publish. All that you have to do is click “Build” and it builds the complete game for you, and it's ready to download and play immediately. In the free version the game engine has support for Windows, Mac, and Web applications.

Unity3d Editor

The game engine also has lot of custom tools and assets written by users. Unity3D has its own asset store where you can buy and sell scripts, art, tools, or any other asset that will be useful in Unity3d.You can also create your own assets/scripts and sell on the Unity3D asset store.

It is a great tool and is easy to learn. You can create games quickly and efficiently, and it’s especially useful for quickly building prototypes of games to test ideas.

2) Construct 2

 Construct2 is a html5 based game engine used to create 2D games. It is aimed primarily at non-programmers, allowing quick creation of games. You don't need to learn any programming language to work on construct 2. Whether you are an amateur or professional game developer you can develop basic and advanced games without writing a line of code. Construct 2 does the hard work so you don't have to. Professional game creators can try out this app to create games for Android and iOS devices.

 Construct 2 

Construct 2 has a simple visual interface that ensures easy game creation. Developers can drag and drop objects, design levels and add behaviors/effects into them. They can create events by choosing actions and conditions or triggers from a list, which is organized to ensure easy selection.
Construct 2 has flexible behaviors, such as path-finding, movements, platforms, fade and many other utilities to assist you in creating your perfect game. You can preview your game at any moment just like Unity3D at the press of a button.

3) Unreal Development Kit


The Unreal Development Kit is a very strong and professional game engine. UDK is a full-fledged and high-end tool that allows you to create games and is free. It has some state-of-the-art rendering and animation integrations. It includes a tool called Unreal Kismet, which is visual programming editor so that you don't need to learn any programming language to develop advanced games.

UDK Editor

Other cool features that UDK has out of the box is built-in networking, artificial intelligence, and destructible environments. It does have a harder learning curve than Unity3D and may be a more difficult engine overall, but it does have a lot of great features and assets.

4) Game Maker

The game maker

Game Maker: Studio (originally named Animo and later Game Maker) is an engine built so that a person that don't have any kind of knowledge about programming would be able to make games. It has a free and a purchased version. It's built mostly for 2D game creation, but recent updates allow you to make 3D games with it as well.

GameMaker was one of the first game making software programs available for PC. It is quite popular among amateur and expert developers and offers a wide range of tools. This platform allows you to make games for any genre you want and would let you do so 80% faster than you could if you made it from scratch. 

GameMaker accommodates the creation of multi-genre video games using drag and drop action sequences or a sandboxed scripting language known as Game Maker Language, which can be used to develop more advanced games that could not be created just by using the drag and drop features.

Game Maker Studio's export modules allow gamers to build a game, create multiple executables and export them to multiple platforms at a push of a button (PC, Android, iOS, mobile with HTML5 etc.).
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